Hotel Restaurant

Our cuisine is based on the careful selection of only the best ingredients, while choosing from the range of products which can be found in the market in each season. In keeping with this philosophy, we combine the emblematic dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine with other more modern and creative dishes. We exclusively use the outstanding olive oil produced in the province of Teruel, under the Designation of Origin (D.O.) Bajo Aragón, which is of the highest quality, extremely digestive and healthy for the heart.

In Autumn our cooking favours game and mushrooms, which are abundant in this area and of very high quality. The fabulous “black truffle” is probably the most appreciated mushroom variety and so, for a number of days it deserves a privileged place in our menu.

Different varieties of bread are made in our kitchen using traditional methods.

In sum, we always try to offer great ingredients and a healthy, traditional and creative cooking to achieve the best quality in every one of our dishes.

Some examples of our traditional dishes include:

  • Pickled wild partridge salad with slices of foie gras
  • Homemade croquettes with Iberian ham and mushrooms
  • Duck confi with glazed onions
  • Roasted codfish with a mild onion muslin
  • Baked Calanda peach with hot chocolate